• Photographer
  • Visual Art

I have started painting with a different look at the world, and had inscribed my thoughts on the paper using hand printing technique; the everyday life of women had occupied my whole mind. In the second decade of my life and upon graduation in the field of Visual connections (Graphics) from the university, I decided to travel in order to get familiarized with the various culture and customs of my country. These travels had made me face quite different lives of women; women who rock a cradle with one hand and change the world with the other. I used my camera to register such moments. At each stage of everyday life, I was waiting, and prepared to choose something which visually astonished me. A different look at the world: with all its ugliness and all its beauties, something to take my breath away. Sometimes a piece of nature, or a gesture or a look, the intensity of a color or the playfulness of light; I recorded all of these with the help of my camera.

Afterwards, I decided to follow the path of photography more seriously and I had started working as a press photographer. By participation in the various festivals, as well as domestic & international group exhibitions, I had decided to make the world see my view. At the moment, photography is the most delightful and interesting concern of mine which transcends me to a new, more beautiful and much more different appearance.